Clearing your records even for felony convictions

New laws that went into effect on  October 1 of this year allow for the clearing and expungement of different convictions including certain non-violent felonies.

 Whereas before a criminal or felony conviction lasted forever, the Maryland Justice Reinvestment Act and legislature has seen fit to help certain individuals clear their records of these serious and life-changing offenses.

 Most notably, felony theft offenses and even first degree burglary are able to be expunged assuming one meets certain qualifications including the passage of 15 years without intervening offenses.    

Many people with theft-related felonies aren’t even considered for meaningful career advancement or even their first job.

 We have gotten calls almost weekly about persons seeking to clear these permanent stains on their record. The crippling effects of a criminal theft related conviction can keep one from earning better wages, advancing in their career, and helping to provide for their families.

 We would be happy to assist you in navigating the thicket of these new laws and helping you to restore your good name.