MVA hearings— where the rubber hits the road

I have represented several persons throughout the District Courts of Maryland who are charged with driving under the influence and, for many of them, crucial hearings at the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. For many, maintaining your driving privilege affects your ability to earn wages and provide for yourself and family. 

Given relatively recent changes in Maryland law, several persons charged with DUI are either directed by the MVA or as part of their probation to get an interlock device on their car. These devices can be expensive and costly and also provide a level of personal embarrassment if one is required to drive with kids, coworkers, and other professional colleagues.

Whether or not you are subject to these sanctions is very case specific and requires an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to examine your paperwork to determine if you were properly advised of the sanctions to be imposed and fully informed when deciding whether to take a breath test.

There are often discrepancies within the paperwork and the MVA forms themselves that require a strict analysis in hearings at the MVA, the District Court or both.

I would be happy to look at your paperwork for you to see if things were done properly and whether or not you were subject to these administrative sanctions.