Criminal Law

We handle all aspects of the defense of our fellow citizens charged with breaking the law.   We have extensive trial experience for persons accused of Homicide, Drug Crimes, White Collar Offenses, Domestic Violence, Robbery, Burglary, theft and Traffic Offenses involving DWI, Driving with a Suspended License and Insurance violations.   We believe all persons are inherently good, and we stand behind our clients.

Being charged with an offense or even the subject of an investigation can be intimidating.   You need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.   The lawyers at Armstrong, Cheris & Page, Chtd. can help you.


Being charged with a theft-related offense can have serious consequences for you.   The attorneys at Armstrong, Cheris & Page, Chtd. have been protecting the good names of persons accused of theft and related crimes for decades.   Just the fact of being charged can mean loss of your job and standing within your community.   You need to protect your good name.

The experienced counsel of Armstrong, Cheris & Page, Chtd. will protect you and see that your good name and rights are still protected.

Juvenile Law

Seeing a child or young person caught up in the legal system can be particularly frustrating. Most young persons and their families have little or no experience in the judicial system. Being charged or suspected of a juvenile offense affects both the young person as well as parents and the family unit. These consequences include educational changes, driver license supsensions and possibly being forcibly taken from the home and detained.

The attorneys at Armstrong, Cheris & Page, Chtd. have extensive experience representing young persons in Court, at the Motor Vehicle Administration and other forums effecting the family dynamic.