Maryland now recognizes defenses in marijuana cases as well as possession of small, personal use quantities of marijuana.  Many minor marijuana possession cases as well as related paraphernalia are eligible to be expunged.

We have been pioneers in helping our people secure the protection of these new laws.  We have advocated for relief from these severe penalties for marijuana offenses for years.   Recent changes in Maryland law may help you be insulated from criminal liability as well.  We can help you benefit from these new laws.

The war on drugs can be an intimidating prospect when it is being fought against you or someone you love and care about.  

Many persons in today's society are afflicted with substance issues that they can neither control and desperately need help with.    Here at Armstrong, Cheris & Page, Chtd., we can help you get the help you need, while also protecting your rights and putting these accusations in perspective of the good life you have lead.   Many drug offenders are non-violent and ill-equipped to fight in the war on drugs.  We can help.

Both state and federal guidelines impose severe mandatory minimum penalties for repeat offenders. The attorneys at Armstrong, Cheris & Page, Chtd. have successfullly defended persons accused in these situations, and have successfully steered clients away from these severe sanctions.