DUI & TRaffic

Many attorneys claim they can represent you inexpensively for your alcohol-related traffic offense but these cases are not simple.   Breath test scores can be kept from evidence for a number of reasons.  
The stop or search of a person in their vehicle to test them for alcohol also involves a number of complex constitutional issues.

Police and law enforcement often use a series of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) to test whether or not you have been consuming alcohol, and whether that affects your ability to drive a vehicle.

Simply being charged with a DWI can mean a host of issues to you, your family, your license, your livelihood and your freedom.   The attorneys at Armstrong, Cheris & Page, Chtd. have extensive experience in trial, plea discussions and negotiations with these types of cases, as well as navigating the rules and regulations of the Motor Vehicle Administration to make sure you do not lose your privilege to drive.   We also have a host of resources to help you get the help you might need and all referrals are confidential.